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April 24, 2014
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Wheel Restoration Process

Our professionals at Birkenhead Powder Coatings aim to give you the very best service when it comes to wheel restoration. To start this process our experts will completely remove the tyres from the wheels all together; this must be done prior any work in order to allow ultimate adhesion of the new finish. With stripping the wheel this will also allow all the damages to be assessed for any repairs. If you do bring your wheels in with the tyres on we can refit them while also re-balancing them at an additional cost. Our team will ensure the weights are fitted to the inside of the rim, to ensure the appearance of the wheel will not be spoilt.

Whether your wheels have been through hell over the years and need some life in them or have been kerbed we can help. At Birkenhead Powder Coatings we will assess your wheels, while giving you a fair idea of what they will look like after the whole process has been carried out by samples of restored wheels and colour chips. Some wheels that have heavy corrosion will need a very different finish compared to those that have been kerbed and scratched, there is no need to worried we will explain everything.

Our experts will shot blast by hand in order to remove all layers of lacquer to the bare metal, which will then be prepared for the coating process. We use a medium grade for the shot blasting, which is very effective at removing all the old paint. Once we have shot blasted each wheel, they will then undergo a cleaning process, which will help to remove any old paint flakes and excess dust and dirt. The stripping process enables us to blast each wheel in a fraction of the time it would normally take, therefore saving time and your money as well as ensuring the wheels do not endure excessive blasting, which could possibly damage them.

The wheels are now ready for the required repair work, with kerb damage, scratches and scuff marks these can be removed without the help of a professional filler, however for the more visible and larger damages would require a small amount of high temp filler to reshape the wheel. Our experts will then burn off any remaining residue on the outer parts of the wheels and sweat out any moisture from inside the wheels. While this process is taking place we will load the coating colour of your choice ready for the next step.

During this step we can finally see all those damages transformed into clean, professional looking wheels once again. We will apply an even coat all over each wheel to give a uniform thickness, ready for the powder stage. After the whole process our experts carefully inspect the wheels to make sure that everything is 100% perfect and completed to a high standard. Once passed we will refit the tyres and balance them out, ready to go back on to your car.

Our process will leave you with perfectly sealed wheels and tyres.

By Ben Birkby from Birkenhead Powder Coatings

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