Damaged wheels can occur very easily in the form of scratched, corroded, dented and pitted wheels, which can all damage the appearance of your car as well as reduce its value. Since 1995, Birkenhead Powder Coatings have specialised in alloy wheel refurbishment and repair, we provide expert and professional services throughout Liverpool and Merseyside, that can restore your vehicle to near showroom condition.

You can bring your wheels to us with or without tyres, or we can strip and refit the tyres and re-balance the wheels for an additional charge. We will put the wheels to the inside of the rim so it will not spoil the appearance of the wheel.

Our trained and skilled experts begin by shot-blasting the layers of lacquer by hand, down to the bare metal. We then apply the first coating process. We heat the wheels, removing all air from the alloy, which makes the powder stick better. This is done for 20 minutes with the oven at full temperature. Another powder coat is then applied, and the wheels are cured in the oven again for another 20 minutes. A clear lacquer coat is then applied over the first coating in the same manner (if silver).

Our alloy wheel refurbishment and repair process can greatly enhance and protect alloy wheels for longer than they would do otherwise.

In terms of alloy wheel refurbishment in Lverpool, we can provide a first class service through our new in-house shot blasting service. This has a guaranteed 72 hours completion time, along with a money back guarantee. Most jobs are cover by our fixed low cost prices.

Same Day Service

  • Extra £70 charge
  • You simply drop off you vehicle at the start of the day
  • We take care of removing the wheels and tyres
  • Birkenhead Powder Coatings will then shot blast and repaint your wheels, replacing tyres and rebalancing them
  • Your car will be available to pick up from 4pm onwards

Our Prices

  • 13 to 17 inch - £45 each
  • 18 & 19 inch - £50 each
  • 20 & 21 inch - £55 each
  • 22 inch - £60 each