Established in 1995, Birkenhead Powder Coatings shot blasting service is highly specialised and draws on our expertise and top of the line equipment to deliver an essential process to a wide range of diverse industries as well as domestic customers. We can perform our highly recommended shot blasting process in Wirral on a wide range of items, and can provide the ideal basis for painting or coating in the future.

Shot blasting involves shooting a concentrated stream of abrasive particles at a particular object, removing oxides and other surface contaminants and leaving the object clean, polished and prepared for painting or powder coating. Birkenhead has a well established reputation for fast, thorough and affordable work that many of our competitors simply cannot match for quality.

Shot Blasting Media

Only the right blasting media will result in a perfectly clean object, right down to the bare metal. Our experienced staff are experts in matching the right media to the task at hand, and we have a number of different options to choose from, including chilled iron grit, steel shot, glass bead and aluminium oxide.

  • Chilled Iron Grit: available in our hand cabinets for surface treatment up to SA 2.5 standards. Ideally suited for removing existing coatings, burning off residue and providing a vastly improved surface for printing. We also use chilled iron grit for removing sand and runners from castings and etching structured steel and components prior to coating
  • Glass Bead: available in our hand cabinets. Using glass beads avoids the risk of magnetisation or corrosion to a metallic item, and does not result in the alteration of the surface dimensions of the component. Ideal for peening, texturing or removing surface blemishes
  • Steel Shot: available in our hand cabinets. Can be used for both cleaning and peening

Our fast and comprehensive shot blasting services in Wirral are undertaken by highly qualified and dedicated engineers, whose expertise along with a great deal of preparation means that the resulting item is left completely clean and ready for paint or powder. One great advantage to shot blasting in Wirral is that our process is very environmentally friendly, and we can clean your product completely without using pollutants like the solvents found in liquid paints.

Accredited Service

The shot blasting service we provide in Wirral is widely recognised and recommended by a number of firms and industries, such as aerospace, shipbuilding and others, and is indispensable to any organisation that works regularly with metals.