If you're looking for an efficient, thorough shot blasting service in Liverpool with a quick turnaround and a competitive cost, Birkenhead Powder Coatings could be the answer. We've been operating for nearly 20 years, and specialise in a wide range of activities within the metallurgy field, especially powder coating steel and other metals.

Our shot blasting in Liverpool leaves a damaged, worn down metallic item clean, corrosion-free and ready for re-coating with either paint or powder particles. We achieve this by forcing a high pressure stream of hard, abrasive material through a jet nozzle at a specific object. Our trained and dedicated technicians carry this out accurately and promptly, restoring the object to near new condition.

Effective and efficient

There are numerous advantages to using Birkenheads shot blasting service, which can reveal any risk of corrosion and stops problems like broken weld joints. In addition, customers who make use shot blasting in Liverpool are able to remove paint and rust, smooth component surfaces into a uniform shape and get rid of scale, oxides and other surface contaminants. These all leave the item polished and pristine, with a completely uniform and profiled surface that is ideal for painting or powder coating.

We can offer a range of blasting media suitable for any metallic object, including chilled iron grit, steel shot, glass bead and aluminium oxide. All shot blasting in Liverpool can be used on items with dimensions up to 6m x 2m x 1.5m, and are available in our dedicated hand cabinets.

  • Chilled Iron Grit: used to remove existing coatings and burn off residue. A cold blasting media, we can also apply iron grit to cleaning welds, removing sand and runners from castings, as well as any etching to structured steel and related components prior to coating
  • Glass Bead: ideally suited to peening and texturing, as well as the removal of any surface blemishes on an item
  • Steel Shot: for cleaning as well as peening and strengthening
  • Aluminium Oxide

We understand that the key to this process is a comprehensive preparation through shot blasting, which means that our process is one of the best anywhere in the North West, applicable to both domestic and industrial clients in a wide variety of settings.