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Shot Blasting Birkenhead

Shot blasting procedures are used for a wide variety of purposes, and is a fast and thorough means of maintaining any number of metallic objects. At Birkenhead Powder Coatings, our process involves a number of different blasting media, which means that we can tailor the process to suit pretty much any design we want to.

The key to a reliable, long lasting finish is preparation, and we ensure that any shot blasting we undertake in Birkenhead is preceded by thorough groundwork.

Effective shot blasting technique

At Birkenhead, our new in-house shot blasting service represents a first class process that's second to none. A great advantage to shot blasting in Birkenhead is the lack of the pollutants, such as solvents, that are found in liquid paints. This makes them far more environmentally friendly, in both the short and the long term.

Our shot blasting techniques in Birkenhead are suitable for items with dimensions up to 6m x 2m x 1.5m, and is useful to remove surface contaminants, such as oxides, as well as revealing any risk of corrosion and preventing problems like broken weld joints. An item that has been shot blasted is left totally clean, right down to the bare white metal, leaving an ideal surface on which to being painting or powder coating.

Blasting Media

We can use a variety of blasting media depending on the job in hand. These include:

  • Chilled Iron Grit: available in our hand cabinets for surface treatments to SA 2.5 standards. Perfect for a range of functions, such as removing existing coatings, burning off residue, cleaning welds, removing sand and runners from castings, as well as providing a good key for painting.
  • Steel Shot: for both cleaning and peening
  • Glass Bead: has the advantage of posing no risk of corrosion or magnetisation, and does not alter the surface dimensions of the component being cleaned. Available in a dedicated hand cabinet
  • Aluminium Oxide

Shot blasting is used by our customers in Birkenhead for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from paint and rust removal to surface smoothing, and is most commonly applied as part of our pre-powder coating treatment. However, for a great and increasingly diverse range of industries that work with metal on a daily basis it is becoming more and more essential in providing general maintenance to their equipment, as well as repairing general wear and tear and getting rid of corrosion.