Overview: We provide a variety of excellent controlled procedures for visual inspection, corrosion resistance and more depending on your exact requirements and needs.

Visual Inspection: Our inspection is of the highest standard and will take place throughout the whole process from unpacking of the item all the way through to the pre-treatment and coating. The aim objective to our visual inspection is to spot any smear and blemishes.

Surface Thickness: Surface thickness is the measurement of coatings that can be done electronically, with a probe that measures an accuracy of ±0.01µm.

Cross Hatching: We use statistical methods for each batch, which will check for adhesion within the cross hatching of the surface coating.

Other Mechanical Tests: Other mechanical tests we do include the 6mm mandrel bend to BS 3900 E1 that will not result in loss of adhesion, an impact test to BS 3900 E7 and the pencil hardness test.

Salt Spray Testing: Our salt spray testing will determine corrosion resistance to a scribed sample.

Other Corrosion Tests: Our other corrosion tests we perform are humidity BS 3900 F9 and water soaking at 40°C, which both are done for 1000 hours.