Birkenhead Powder Coatings are a Merseyside based company, based in the centre of Birkenhead, that specialises in providing one of the best powder coating procedures not just in Wirral but throughout the North West - in fact, many of our competitors simply cannot equal our high quality finishes or our fast lead times. Since 1995, we've been constantly developing and improving our techniques and practices, which means that we are in a position to offer an efficient, sound and environmentally safe powder coating service in Wirral time after time.

We stock powder coating in Wirral from all the major manufacturers, such as Cromodox, Jotun, Timite and PSG, which are suitable for a wide range of functions.

Dedicated and knowledgeable staff

Our staff can recommend professional solutions to any questions you may have, and can match any product or item to a suitable process. At all times we can commit to the best possible powder coating work in Wirral, in a high volume if necessary and at competitive and affordable prices. Our power coating process can provide what liquid paint often fails to: a uniform, durable finish of the highest quality that is resistant to a whole host of forces like chipping, scratching, fading and wear and tear issues.

Birkenhead has not one but two pioneering product lines with online phosphating which can be tailored for any situation, whether in a domestic environment or as part of a commercial or industrial application. This is because whilst power coating in Wirral provides a decorative finish in any combination of colours and styles, it is also highly durable, which means that products and items that have been subjected to a power coating process can outlast liquid paint in most environments

The selection of powder coatings we can offer includes:

  • Epoxy powder coatings
  • Polyester powder coatings
  • Epoxy powder coatings
  • Cromadex Extra Life powder coatings

If you have any queries about which option is the right one for you, tell us what you're looking for and our expert staff can point you in the right direction. As time goes on and technology improves, the range and scope of powder coating does the same, and there are an almost unlimited selection of colours and styles to choose from, which means that you can be confident of finding the right one for you.