Our premier powder coating procedure can be applied to any number of parts and accessories, and the technology itself continues to grow and develop, making it more and more useful every day. In fact, the range of colours, textiles and finishes that we can apply is almost limitless, and is therefore suitable to any number of functions.

Established in 1995, Birkenhead Powder Coatings aims to provide the finest powder coating finish possible, and we continually strive to improve our practices. For this reason, we believe we provide one of the best powder coating services in the metal industry, for both domestic and commercial customers. There are a number of advantages to our power coating service in Liverpool, which results in an attractive, long-lasting finish that makes products highly resistant to a range of problems, including impact, chemical damage and adverse weather conditions - our finish is both decorative and protective.

Diverse range of coatings

Powder coating is suitable for many applications, ranging from domestic items all the way up to heavy duty industrial machinery. Here at Birkenhead Powder Coatings we employ two modern and innovative product lines with online phosphating, which are reliable as well as being environmentally safe. We can offer:

  • Polyester Power Coatings
  • Epoxy Power Coatings
  • Epoxy polyester powder coatings - a hybrid, ideal for products that see a great deal of outdoor use. This makes them resistant to UV light and other general weather conditions
  • Cromadex extra-life powder coatings that are designed for external use, such as architectural metalwork, but have a long-term anti-corrosive performance of up to 16 years

One of the great advantages of our powder coating procedure in Liverpool is that colours and finishes remain vibrant for longer, as well as having a durable, uniform quality that is not possible with liquid paint. There are also a number of gloss levels to choose from, including:

  • Full gloss (90%)
  • Semi-gloss (60%)
  • Satin (30%)
  • Matt (15%)

Birkenhead Powder Coating stocks a wide selection of power coatings from manufacturers including Cromodox, Jotun, Trimite and PSG, and our expert and professional staff will apply a reliable, effective and durable process to any product that our customers nominate, with quality and attention to detail as standard.