The combination of vast experience, skills and knowledge has ensured our position as a leading outfit. Having worked within the domestic and international market for a long time we are able to provide a high level of service that ensures a satisfied customer base. From diamond cut alloy wheel repairs, restoration and refurbishment to superior powder coating and shot blasting we are a trusted choice in Raby and Neston.

Powder Coating in Wallasey and Liscard

Powder Coating in Raby & Neston

Powder coating carries a varied set of demands and we can provide the right coating for every requirement. With a number of finishes available and Epoxy polyester coatings, polyester coatings and Epoxy powder coatings we can facilitate any and all powder coating projects. To further ensure the best results possible we use an online track system.

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Shot Blasting in Wallasey and Liscard

Shot Blasting in Raby & Neston

The superb quality of our selection of shot blasting methods ensures full detection of corrosion threats as well as any breakages in weld joints. The Chilled Iron Grit method is ideal for cleaning, coating removal and preparation. Steel Shot blasting is the perfect process for cleaning and peening and Glass Bead provides impeccable texturing and removal of surface blemishes.

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Diamond cut alloy wheel repair in Wallasey and Liscard

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Raby & Neston

Utilising the most up to date CNC technology allows us to offer the finest diamond cut alloy wheel repairs. Minor kerb damage is comprehensively tackled and the result is optimal restoration and refurbishment of your alloy wheels. With skilled workmanship and affordable prices our customers can be confident that our diamond cut alloy wheel repairs will deliver everything they need.

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