As sector specialists we have enjoyed many successful professional relationships within the international and domestic market and we can offer an experienced, productive and flexible service at highly competitive rates. We are a trusted name and we regularly supply powder coating, shot blasting, restoration and refurbishment and diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Port Sunlight and Tranmere.

Powder Coating in Wallasey and Liscard

Powder Coating in Port Sunlight & Tranmere

We can offer you the most suitable powder coating product to meet any and all project demands. Our multiple finishes and coatings ensure quality performance, results and permanence. General indoor projects can be completed with Epoxy polyester powder coatings, polyester coatings are designed for outdoor use and Epoxy powder coatings offer optimal chemical resistance making them ideal for industrial and engineering applications. Lastly, you can be sure of spectacular powder coating results from our online track system.

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Shot Blasting in Wallasey and Liscard

Shot Blasting in Port Sunlight & Tranmere

When it comes to preparing surfaces for the application of paint and coatings there is no better way than shot blasting. Our services carefully treat your targeted surface ensuring effective cleaning, peening and blemish elimination. Steel Shot blasting, Chilled Iron Grit and Glass Bead are industry best processes and they offer the additional advantages of spotting and preventing corrosion as well as locating problems with weld joints.

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Diamond cut alloy wheel repair in Wallasey and Liscard

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Port Sunlight & Tranmere

When we carry out diamond cut alloy wheel repairs we begin by cleaning the wheel. We then re cut the outer face and finish by applying a clear coat. Our specialised service is designed to comprehensively tackle kerb damage and provides our customers with the finest possible restoration, refurbishment and diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Port Sunlight and Tranmere.

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