Powder Coating & Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Parkgate & Thornton Hough - Birkenhead Powder Coating

Powder Coating & Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Parkgate & Thornton Hough

As established providers of powder coating, restoration and refurbishment, shot blasting and diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Parkgate and Thornton Hough we maintain our reputation with a service that satisfies our wide and varied customer base. We enjoy successful relationships with many outfits, domestically and internationally and we approach any project, no matter the size. Flexibility and a competitive pricing structure are at the forefront of our services along with a rigid compliance with the delivery of industry best work.

Powder Coating in Wallasey and Liscard

Powder Coating in Parkgate & Thornton Hough

Multiple coatings for multiple environments along with several finishes such as leatherette, stipple and hammer ensure us as the ideal choice when looking for a quality and reliable powder coating service. Our polyester coatings are perfect for outdoor tasks that demand UV resistance and our Epoxy polyester and Epoxy powder coatings meet the needs of indoor and industrial applications. Our use of an online track system ensures supreme powder coating results in all applications.

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Shot Blasting in Wallasey and Liscard

Shot Blasting in Parkgate & Thornton Hough

When it comes to surface preparation the most important elements are efficient blemish removal and potential corrosion identification. Our shot blasting methods are both comprehensive and professionally executed. You can choose between the Chilled Iron Grit, Steel Shot and Glass Bead shot blasting services and you can depend on the outstanding results and assured durability.

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Diamond cut alloy wheel repair in Wallasey and Liscard

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Parkgate & Thornton Hough

When wheels are subjected to kerb damage, even at its most minor there is no better way to restore them to their former condition than our diamond cut alloy wheel repairs. We offer our services at extremely affordable prices with zero compromise on quality and workmanship. Our diamond cut alloy wheel repairs consist of three simple steps, cleaning, re cutting and applying a clear top coat and our service delivers fantastic results every time.

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