Powder Coating & Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Great Sutton & Cheshire Oaks - Birkenhead Powder Coating

Powder Coating & Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Great Sutton & Cheshire Oaks

We have been supplying our large selection of services throughout Great Sutton and Cheshire Oaks for over two decades and have grown into an outfit that can be trusted to deliver quality products and timely project completion. We offer powder coating, shot blasting, restoration and refurbishment and diamond cut alloy wheel repairs. We are an experienced team and we have worked with many international outfits along with domestic. Our workmanship is second to none and we offer our services at competitive costs.

Powder Coating in Wallasey and Liscard

Powder Coating in Great Sutton & Cheshire Oaks

We hold a large selection of powder coating finishes and we can assure our customers that their project requirements can easily be met. Our range of coatings includes Epoxy polyester, Epoxy powder and polyester and you can be sure of the most impressive results due to the use of an online track system. We are fully equipped with a highly skilled team and all necessary resources to deliver impeccable powder coating services.

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Shot Blasting in Wallasey and Liscard

Shot Blasting in Great Sutton & Cheshire Oaks

We supply a selection of shot blasting methods in order to successfully serve all customer requests. Our unlimited blasting capabilities further deliver the advantages of illuminating issues such as broken weld joints and identifying any chance of future corrosion. Our Chilled Iron Grit, Glass Bead and Steel Shot blasting services are highly proficient and competitively priced.

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Diamond cut alloy wheel repair in Wallasey and Liscard

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Great Sutton & Cheshire Oaks

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our diamond cut alloy wheel repairs and every element of our wheel restoration and refurbishment. We can effectively deal with kerb damage with a three-step process. The wheel is initially cleaned, the outer face is re cut and lastly, a clear coat is administered. We strive for satisfied customers every time and we offer the finest diamond cut alloy wheel repairs.

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