Powder Coating & Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Bromborough & Hooton - Birkenhead Powder Coating

Powder Coating & Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Bromborough & Hooton

Established in 1995, we have spent many years growing into a leading and well respected sector name. We have extensive experience throughout the industry along with domestic and international markets and we are proud to be the first port of call for a large and varied clientèle in need of the highest quality powder coating services. Our comprehensive service also include shot blasting, diamond cut alloy wheel repairs and the restoration and refurbishment of alloy wheels throughout Bromborough and Hooton.

Powder Coating in Wallasey and Liscard

Powder Coating in Bromborough & Hooton

We pride ourselves on our first class powder coating services and we offer a selection of finishes and coatings that successfully serve the demands of all applications. We insist on the use of an online track system to be sure of nothing less than exceptional results and we can supply powder coating services for industrial and engineering environments along with outdoor and general indoor use.

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Shot Blasting in Wallasey and Liscard

Shot Blasting in Bromborough & Hooton

Our shot blasting processes are all structured to offer simply superlative results. Steel Shot, Chilled Iron Grid and Glass Bead deliver specific benefits and we can provide the most suitable one for any surface you need to target. Shot blasting offers the additional benefits of easily finding any possibility of corrosion as well as broken joints and our services are affordable and of the highest industry standard.

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Diamond cut alloy wheel repair in Wallasey and Liscard

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in Bromborough & Hooton

There is always a risk of incident on the roads and one of the most common issues we see is minor kerb damage. We supply superb diamond cut alloy wheel repairs and we are widely renowned in location 1 and location 2 for the results delivered by our restoration and refurbishment services. Wheel cleaning followed by re cutting of the outer face and a careful clear coat application ensures excellent results every time and we are pleased to be suppliers of flawless and competitively priced diamond cut alloy wheel repairs.

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