Diamond Cutting

Full Diamond Cut Refurbishment

Our diamond cutting service can be applied to your wheel after powder coating this involves using the latest CNC lathe to cut a thin layer from your wheel on the the outer surface and the rim of your wheel. A clear coat is applied is then applied to the whole wheel. Please Note: Diamond cutting can not be used on all wheels please ask for details.

Diamond Cut Only

This service is designed for customers with lease cars which have minor kerb damage to the outer rim and want to return their car without a charge; as some hire companies can charge up to £300 per wheel to refurbish. This process involves cleaning your wheel, re-cutting the outer face and finally a clear coat is applied.

Our diamond cutting process involves the latest CNC technology that offers the finest finish for your alloy wheels. The precision cut applied to the rims removes only what is required, allowing more cuts compared to other alloy wheel refurbishment methods.



  • Wheels are taken off the vehicle and tyres removed from the wheel using a specialist machine.


  • Wheels are dipped to remove any previous paint and lacquers.
  • Wheels are lightly blasted to remove any corrosion and to provide a good base for paint adhesion.
  • Wheels are inspected and prepared, removing any kerb damage. Any major damage will require welding (an additional charge would apply, this would be discussed prior to welding occurring).

Paint Application

  • Wheels are placed in our oven, heated to 245°C and a powder primer coat, powder top coat are applied, with heating and cooling between coats.

Diamond Cutting

  • Wheels are then placed in our bespoke diamond cutting lathe, where a fine layer of the surface is removed, producing a smooth, shiny surface.

Lacquer Finish

  • Wheels are then coated with a lacquer finish before being returned for a final time in the oven.

Quality Check

  • Wheels are then subject to a quality check on the paint finish.


  • Tyres are then refitted to the wheel and balanced before fitting back on to the vehicle, along with any centre caps and new valves.
  • The vehicle is then ready for collection.