Company Profile

Birkenhead Powder Coatings were first established in 1995 and have gained many years of experience and knowledge within the industry. We are specialists in the application of powder coating to steel, cladding, roller shutter doors and more.


Mission Statement

We aim to continually improve on the quality of our practices and keep our staff trained up on all the latest methods and available equipment. This will help us to provide the best and most efficient powder coating finishes in this industry along with the domestic and international markets.

Being one of the largest powder coating specialists in Wirral and through the Northwest has helped us to dedicate our time and resources to powder coating alone. This has helped us to be highly competitive, productive and flexible within this field.

In terms of both available quality of finishes and lead times we are able to beat many of our competitors and produce results that are hard to match for other companies.

We can handle a large capacity of work and because we use an online track system to powder coat the consistency of the end product is always near perfect compared to a traditional box oven system.

Plant List

2 powder booths
1 Wet Spray Booth
250 foot conveyor and oven
2 box ovens 7m * 3m * 3m
Shoot blasting room 7m*2m*2m
Degreasing & phosphate waser 7m *1.5m *1.5m
Large drop side van