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At Birkenhead Powder Coatings we specialise in a range of methods and services from powder coating, wheel restoration and nylon coating to restoration, shot blasting and refurbishment. Our professional services can be used on many metals and as technology continues to grow so does the use of powder coatings, with it’s limitless range of colours and textures.

Powder coating has a high durability level as it helps to protect the roughest and toughest machinery as well as those household items we use everyday. It can also provide a more lasting finish than any liquid paint can, while adding an attractive finish too. Products that have been given this treatment are more resistant to weaken the quality of coating by strong impact, chemicals and extreme weather conditions, therefore reduces the risk of chipping, corrosion and other wear issues.

Wheel Refurbishment and Shot Blasting Specialists in Merseyside

At Birkenhead Powder Coatings we also provide wheel restoration services, where our experts can professionally take care of your wheels and have your vehicle restored and back to you within the same day. Wheel restoration is a service of skill as our experts have trained hard to achieve and is a process which is done by hand. The process starts by shot-blasting the layers of lacquer, down to the bare metal ready for coating, this is applied many times in order to enhance and protect the alloy wheel for longer.

Being first established in 1995 has helped us to explore many methods and applications of powder coatings. We are very dedicated to our work and our mission is to expand and continually improve the quality of practices and employee involvement to provide the best and most efficient possible fine particle coating finishes. We aim to be the number one powder coating business in the metal industry and for both the domestic and commercial markets.

As an established powder coating and shot blasting specialist Birkenhead Powder Coatings has earned a reputation for productive, flexible and highly productive services based on industry leading methods and techniques for treating a wide range metals and metallic surfaces. Thanks to our loyal customers we have become one of the biggest specialists in the North West, providing a range of services that even our closest competitors cannot match in terms of high quality of finish or lead times. Keep up to date with our latest news and developments by checking out our news and Google+ pages